Our mission is to offer travelers unrivaled
peace and tranquility at a selection of
hand-picked luxurious destinations.

Synergy’s success is built on the collective spirit and vision of deeply committed people, all passionate about South Africa and linked by a common purpose to create exceptional spaces and deliver the finest in hospitality whilst nurturing our land and wilderness areas through conservation.

Built on privately owned land, Synergy lodges are known for being rare and authentic, whilst embodying an ethos of sensitivity. Whether in the mountains or village Synergy spaces have one thing in common … a sacred, nurturing energy that touches our guests in a deeply restorative way.


Synergy’s story began in 2010 when Craig Price purchased a piece of land in what would later become the Synergy Treehouse. It is situated in the remote conservation village of Scarborough bordering on the Cape Point Reserve at the very tip of Africa. Synergy’s first lodge, Synergy Treehouse, opened its doors in 2015 on this magnificent piece of land and the brand has been growing ever since. Today, Synergy’s unique ethos lives on throughout the Synergy group.

Synergy will only create magical spaces in a way that is environmentally sustainable – an approach that ensures that Synergy’s reputation is continually elevated and continues to deliver the best possible guest experience.